cord project inc.

Our Mission

Voice is incredibly powerful and nothing can match the speed, emotion, and nuance of a voice. But somewhere along the way, voice was left out of how we ‘talk’ on our phones. So we’re combining the power of voice with everything we love about messaging today. At Cord Project, we're building something new to get people talking again.

The Team

We’re a small team of experienced designers and engineers based in New York City.

  • Thomas Gayno

    Co-Founder - CEO

  • Jeff Baxter

    Co-Founder - Creative Director

  • Christine Yokoyama

    Director of Engineering (iOS)

  • Andrew Greene

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Matt Lim

    Director of Engineering (Android)

  • Dare Ryan

    iOS Developer

  • Jeff Lee

    Android Developer

  • Jobs

Press Highlights

Some nice folks have written some nice things about Cord and our Projects. Here’s a few:

  • “Planning for a world of connected devices without keyboards.”

  • “Even the giant technology companies are seizing the trend.”

  • “The rise of the conversational interface.”

  • “—why the heck was I bothering
    with text?”

  • “Le fonctionnement de l’application est enfantin.”

  • “Cord's founders are betting big
    on voice messaging.”

Even More

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